New CDC guidelines have created a 72 hour window for your patients to access a pain specialist

For the physicians at Pain Specialists of Great Chicago, speed has always been important – as we know it is critical to treat pain in the acute stage before it becomes chronic. New CDC guidelines underscore our efforts, requiring that primary care and/or emergency physicians prescribe no more than three days of opioids for acute pain. These guidelines were developed to curb overuse and abuse, but could result in an increase in emergency and acute care visits if patients run out of opioids prior to being seen by a pain management specialist. That means, we have 72 hours to see a patient and develop a care plan aimed at controlling or eliminating their pain.

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“We all know the majority of pain does not disappear in 3 days. Your patients deserve a back-up plan and access to high-quality pain management physicians and their staff who are trained to treat the sources of acute and sub-acute pain to prevent chronic pain”

– Scott Glaser, MD, DABIPP
President & Co-Founder, Pain Specialists of Greater Chicago

Help your patients control or eliminate acute pain by scheduling a consultation.