What our patients are saying -

This was an answer to prayer. I was at my wits end with pain radiating down both legs, not to mention the terrible pain in my back. I told Dr. Glaser that he had to do something, I can't continue to live with this pain any longer. He suggested the Nervo Spinal cord stimulator. This device has changed my life. I no longer have ANY pain going down my legs and my general pain has been reduced by 70%,as well as my pain meds by 50%. The representatives from Nervo has been very attentive with returning my phone calls and guiding me through the operation. At this point, I give a 5 star review of Pain Specialist of Greater Chicago,  Dr John K. Hong, & and all of the Nervo representatives Thank you to everyone for making this happen.
Cheryl D
After years of bedside nursing my back was destroyed. I went through all of the steps, therapy, small surgeries, eventually a fusion. I was sent to doctor after doctor. No longer able to walk through an airport, sit at my desk, sleep through the night, carry groceries, walk the dog, bake a cake, I was so sad.  I had to give up direct patient care and my life became smaller and smaller. Being very active by nature I felt like my life was pretty much over and would be spending my days reading and watching TV. I developed severe rheumatoid arthritis and my rheumatologist sent me to Dr. Glaser. With their help I can now keep up at work, enjoy my grandson's football games and travel again. I am so grateful. As a nurse I know that pain specialists often get judged because of the drugs they prescribe. This is so sad. That stigma probably prevents many people from getting the care  they really need. If you have pain and you can’t live your life anymore, please get help, it is available, it is safe and it can work. Thank you to everyone at the center for giving me my life back, your patience, your dedication.
Mary M
I want to "Thank You" for controlling my pain. I want to thank you for the opportunity to see my two children graduate college and then go on to achieve their master's degrees. We now live in Texas with our two children and our two grandchildren. We will be moving into our new home in about three weeks.
Robert H
I had back pain so bad I couldn’t walk. I tried a chiropractor but got no relief. My husband has been using Dr. Glaser for years and suggested I go see him. I went and have never been happier that I did. I am pain free!!!! Also, I’d like to say that the office staff was very good too.
Lynda J.
I spent years going to doctors trying to get relief for my chronic pain. None helped until I found Dr. Glaser. He has helped me tremendously with my neck and lower back. I trust him so much I had my wife go to him! She is pain free now.
John J.
I had the best experience with Tia one of the NPT. Injection in my left knee, within hours I had total relief. Thank you Tia
Cathy M.
I wanted to take a moment to praise Dr. Glaser, Maria (nurse practitioner) and the entire staff. When I was first referred to Dr. Glaser, I was experiencing severe pain from Fibromyalgia and he found that I had bursas in both shoulders. I could not lift my arms above my waist and was in chronic pain all the time.  After treatment and pain medication, I am now able to lift my arms over my head and my pain is managed. During the pandemic when appointments were difficult (to say the least), Dr. Glaser and Maria held virtual visits with me so that they were able to keep my treatment consistent. But, to me the most important thing about Dr. Glaser and his staff is that I know they really care. They are kind, compassionate and let you know that they want to do whatever is necessary to help you. They take the time you need to go over how you're feeling and they try different treatments and various medications until they hit on the right combination that works for the individual. I highly recommend Dr. Glaser and the Pain Specialists of Great Chicago!
Teresa K.
Just wanted to tell everyone that both my husband and I absolutely love our Nurse Practioner, Maria Anderson!!! She is such a sweet, genuine, and caring person. We both look forward to our monthly appointments with Maria!! I think that she is the absolute best N.P. that I have ever had since I became a patient of Dr. Scott Glaser MD, in April of 2017. I highly recommend Pain Specialists of Greater Chicago. Dr. Glaser and his wonderful NP, Maria Anderson have really helped me with my chronic pain conditions. They are the best!!!
Lynn L.
I went to see Dr. Glaser yesterday (04.29.21).  I have been experiencing horrible diabetic nerve pain for years and have been prescribed many things that did not work.  Dr. Glaser talked to me and prescribed me something for my severe pain. After taking the new prescriptions, I feel ten years younger and am experiencing NO PAIN..... Thank you Dr. Glaser.  I am so happy that I went in to see him.  STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!!!!
Jeffery L.
Patient Art states he has suffered from neck pain since he was a child, the pain became worse when he was involved in a car accident years later. Art has tried every avenue to relieve the pain; it was not until he was referred to Dr. Glaser who worked hard to find a plan that worked specifically for him. Art is not pain free but does say his pain is manageable and will continue to follow Dr. Glaser’s treatment plan. We thank Art for sharing his story!
Art D.
I am forever grateful for both the pain relief and because now I don’t need pain medication to get through the day,” Carol said. “I have lunch dates with friends, spend time with my grandchildren and even sat through a 3-hour play comfortably – all without having to recuperate for days afterward.
Dr Glaser has relieved much of my husband's pain, in his back and in his knees. I think he's a godsend!
Kimberly G.
Dr. Glaser is one of the most amazing doctors I've ever had the pleasure of knowing! My family & I have seen him for over 12years & I would tell anyone I know "he does amazing work!"
Tiffany A.
Dr. Glaser has done wonders for me. My husband also started going to him for his shoulder pain, which is gone, and for his back pain. Now, my son-in-law will be making an appointment for his shoulder pain. He is a painter, and he needs his shoulder back, without the pain. He has seen 2 other doctors, which they did not help him, so I told him to go to Dr. Glaser, and he is. He's a great doctor, and I thank him from the bottom of my heart in helping me with my shoulder, back and leg pain. He's the greatest!!
Annette W.
Dr. Glaser has always been invested in my treatments and well being. He never gave up even when I wanted to. I am extremely grateful for his patience and persistence.
Rhuann G.
The staff, from the doctor to the reception team is nothing but professional, friendly, and accommodating, and the office is also very clean and comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Glaser and his team!
Sonia M.