Mask mandate is dropped in Illinois, following Governor Pritzker announcement

Face masks only required in healthcare facilities located in high risk areas

“Thanks to the tremendous efforts of our health care workers and residents, Illinois has done better at keeping our people safe with vaccines, boosters, and masking, which puts us in a position to continue to scale back health care requirements in line with the CDC,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “COVID-19 is on its way to becoming endemic, like the flu, but it still poses a real threat to our immunocompromised and disabled communities. Here in Illinois, we look out for one another-it’s what defines us as Illinoisans. Let us continue to live up to those ideals by masking up and testing when we have symptoms and getting COVID-19 booster shots-as I recently did-so that we can protect our neighbors.”

This amendment to the state-issued order also nullifies the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare employees, affirming the guidelines of the CDC.