Dr. McDaniel & Nevro HF10

Carol, who was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in 2006, used to have to stay in bed for several days to recuperate any time she was active. Two back surgeries, epidural steroid shots and radio frequency ablations provided some relief from her chronic pain but it was temporary. Carol was forced to take pain medication daily.

When Carol consulted Dr. Scott McDaniel, he recommended HF10 for long-term relief. Carol was reluctant because the over-the-counter external nerve stimulator she tried caused a constant tingling sensation. Dr. McDaniel assured Carol she wouldn’t experience that with HF10. She agreed to a trial that resulted in 75% pain relief.

Following her permanent implant in November 2017, Carol’s back and leg pain, which ranged from 7-8 before the trial, dropped to 2.5 in her back and almost 0 in her legs.

“I am forever grateful for both the pain relief and because now I don’t need pain medication to get through the day,” Carol said. “I have lunch dates with friends, spend time with my grandchildren and even sat through a 3-hour play comfortably – all without having to recuperate for days afterward.”

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